Liam Geary Edit

Labels: Ethereal Network, Awoken Audio
Aliases: ROZE, Nu Boy
Genres: Electro House
Duration: June 2015 - September 2015

"Since 2014 ROZE has been diving into the depths of electronic music. Today he is still experimenting, now studying Music & Performance." - ROZE on

ROZE is a House artist that claimed the second release on the Ethereal Network. He has had two releases, and is now referred to as a Former Artist. He has made a new alias for DnB called Nu Boy, and it is unknown whether he will release under Ethereal as Nu Boy.

ROZE was one of the few to appear in the Happy Birthday Max video. Liam is seen wishing fellow artist, Nightime Burnout, a happy birthday while dancing and listening to Keep Me Awake.

Not much else is currently known about Liam and his affiliations with the Ethereal Network.

Song Edit

Release Date
Squad N/A Electro House June 18, 2015
Machines (w/ Great Chaos) N/A Electro House September 1, 2015