Max Fattoruso Edit

Age: 14
Labels: Ethereal Network
Aliases: Nightime Burnout
Genres: Dubstep, Progessive House, Bounce, Future Bass, Electro, Drum & Bass, Moombahton, Trap, Drumstep, Bass House,
Duration: June 2015 - Present Day

"Nightime Burnout is a 14 year old artist with 4 years of experience in FL Studio. Dubstep, House, Chillstep, Melbourne. You name it. I make it." -Nightime Burnout on

Nightime Burnout, otherwise known as Max Fattoruso, was the first artist to ever have a release on Ethereal. At the time he was aged 13, being one of the youngest artists to be a part of the Ethereal Network (Although he is now 14). His debut, Keep Me Awake would be the start of the Dubstep category, before being reclassified as Electro. He is highly regarded as one of the most popular and professional artists to be a part of the Ethereal Network.

About a month into the launch of the Ethereal Network, a video was uploaded titled "Happy Birthday Max." It consisted of many artists wishing Max a happy birthday, featuring people like ROZE, Trixyl (Now Inktome), and Jackson Sadinski AKA Paragon (Now Anesis). It was taken down shortly after, likely due to the fact that his birthday was only one day, and that a birthday video would have to be made for everybody.

In late 2015 there was an incident causing him to become very depressed, and to go on a hiatus for a short amount of time. They called him out for using multiple samples, and then threatened to take him down, as well as many other artists. Max had stated that he "Can't take the hate anymore" before announcing his leave. He would soon come back a couple weeks later, but stating that his music will never be the same.

Nightime Burnout has had 8 singles, 4 EPs, and 1 Planned VIP Release on the Ethereal Network.

Song Edit



Release Date

Keep Me Awake N/A Electro June 16, 2015
A New Leaf (w/ Trixyl) N/A Electro June 20, 2015
We All N/A Electro July 6, 2015
Polar Opposites Polar Opposites Bounce July 21, 2015
Giza Polar Opposites Dubstep July 21, 2015
Lurking in the Shadows Polar Opposites Dubstep July 21, 2015
Luma Polar Opposites Electro House July 21, 2015
Hurricane Polar Opposites Electro House July 21, 2015
Perdition N/A Dubstep August 4, 2015
Mist N/A Drum & Bass September 8, 2015
Journey (w/ Krydaform) N/A Electro November 19, 2015
Ethereal Network November Mix N/A N/A November 28, 2015
In An Instant The Chase Future Bass December 17, 2015
Long Ago The Chase Electro December 17, 2015
The Chase The Chase Drumstep December 17, 2015
Tick Tock The Chase Bass House December 17, 2015
Oldgrounds The Chase Electro December 17, 2015
The End of Sanity The Chase Dubstep December 17, 2015
Not Too Late Not Too Late House January 28, 2016
Claw N/A Trap February 25, 2016
Gunplay (w/ Rezzax) N/A Dubstep March 10, 2015
Sonar (w/ Inktome) Reunited Drum & Bass May 17, 2016
One Specific Frequency (w/ Inktome) Reunited Moombahton May 26, 2016
And The Beat Goes On (w/ Inktome) Reunited Drum & Bass May 26, 2016
Growl Nescience (w/ Inktome) Reunited Dubstep May 26, 2016
Nightlight (w/ Inktome) Reunited Future Bass May 26, 2016
The 128 Anthem (w/ Inktome) Reunited House May 26, 2016
Keep Me Awake VIP Unknown Unknown June 16, 2016